duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

reading again

From recent readings:

“Members of lite metal bands tend to have ‘big hair,’ which is ornately cut, moused, and blow-dried. The development of lite metal was greatley aided by MTV, wich, at least during its first years, seemed to find extravagant hairstyles a good reason to include a band’s video in its rotation, regardless of its musical style. Likewise, the term ‘glam’ is a reference to visuals, pointing to lite metal’s colorful costuming and its rjection or alteration of the black, working-class garb or outlaw fashions that were prescribed by the heavy metal code. Cuck eddy notes that the glittery fashion of such artists as Prince and Boy George was central to rock in general when lite metal erupted: ‘The glaming of heavy metal has coincided with a decided glitter influence all over the rock spectrum’.”

Deena WinsteinHeavy metal: the music and its culture, First Da Capo Press, 2000, p.46

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